Tijuana Estuary deployments!

Early September, we deployed instruments in the Tijuana Estuary so that we could monitor if the estuary received any dye from the coast.

CSIDE MX Dye release simulation!

Below is a movie of a MX dye release similar to the other rleases that Nirnimesh has put together.    The dye release location here is at the very southern part of Playas Tijuana, where we will be doing our dye release.     Again, Nirnimesh is simulating the week from 9/30-10/7 2014 for moderate waves from 200 deg south, similar to … Read More

CSIDE US/MX border dye release simulation

Nirnimesh has completed another round of dye release simulations to help us prepare for the upcoming dye releases.   For this release Nirnimesh is simulating the week from 9/30-10/7 2014 for moderate waves from 200 deg south.     The movie lasts for a week.  The first dye release lasts 2 hours and the 2nd release lasts 6 hrs.   In this case … Read More

ADCP boat mount for the Sally Ann

Kent and the SIO machine shop have fabricated a sweet ADCP mount for the Sally Ann.   This will enable tracer flux calculations from the coupled ADCP and towed aray measurements.    Kent got it done on Friday and did the first test mount Friday late afternoon up at Seaweed Canyon.   Pretty awesome.

First Test of MCIP carts

On Wed 26 August, we had the first full field test of the MCIP carts which went really well.  A MCIP cart stands for Mobile Cart Instrumentation Platform.  An instrumented MCIP is shown in the first picture of the gallery below. It is basically a steel wheelbarrow that can roll into the surfzone. It has a range of instrumentation, including an … Read More

Moored current-meter setup

On Monday and tuesday August 24-25, we prepared moored current meters for deployment. This included installing battery packs, calibrating their compasses, performing instrument checks, preparing the frames they will sit on, and preliminary programming amongst other things. In these pictures, you see acoustic current meters, specifically Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCP), which using the Doppler shift to measure the water currents … Read More

New pre-experiment CSIDE dye release simulations: comparing 2hr and 6 hr releases

In the previous post we presented the first dye simulation that Nirnimesh has done.  That simulation was for a release that totalled 2 hrs.  Now, Nirnimesh has performed an identical experiment for dye released for 6 hrs and compared the two.  The modeling details are the same:  This is with the COAWST model that couples waves and currents and has … Read More

First pass at a dye release simulation in the CSIDE study region

Nirnimesh has performed the first dye release simulation in the CSIDE study region.  This is with the COAWST model that couples waves and currents and has a 20 m grid resolution.  This simulation is for a period of time in Fall 2014 with northward winds.  Nirnimesh also sent in waves with significant wave height of 1 m, peak period Tp=14 … Read More

beach site visits

Falk, Nirnimesh and Sarah traveled the IB-Coronado stretch of beach on Sunday to check out planned sites for surf-zone based instrumentation. Here Falk and Nirni joke around just north of the IB pier (seen to the left). Note the sign for strong currents, wave driven currents are one of the key processes we will be studying as they impact along-shore and … Read More

Wave modeling for the San Diego South Bay Region

As part of the CSIDE modeling efforts,we are interested in performing some numerical dye releases for the CSIDE experimental region, the San Digo South Bay. In an earlier post, the 50 m grid size ocean circulation (ROMS) model solution developed by Nirnimesh Kumar was highlighted. That simulation did not have waves, and Nirnimesh is working on putting waves into the … Read More