CSIDE US/MX border dye release simulation

Nirnimesh has completed another round of dye release simulations to help us prepare for the upcoming dye releases.   For this release Nirnimesh is simulating the week from 9/30-10/7 2014 for moderate waves from 200 deg south.     The movie lasts for a week.  The first dye release lasts 2 hours and the 2nd release lasts 6 hrs.   In this case the dye makes it up to Navy SSTC north property but not quite to Coronado and the second releases exchanges significantly offshore.

* Left panel is temperature anomoly (subtracting T=18 deg C), Right panel is dye concentration (ppb) in log scale.

* Each frame is one hour. The counter (dT) indicates how long since the dye release.

* About 100 L of Rhodamine WT was released over (2 hrs/6 hrs) for each release.  This is a realistic amount of dye to be released.

* Magenta dots are planned instrument locations


Now it is interesting to contrast this release with what happens with larger south swell.   The video below is for the same conditions but waves that are 1.4X bigger.


What happens here is that the larger waves drive a stronger alongshore current and the dye just rockets all the way up to Coronado.   This could have significant implications for pollution transport.  But remember, this is just a model of two short dye releases for very specific conditions.   These simulations are only representative of what could happen.

Dye releases can start as early as 14 September!