CSIDE MX Dye release simulation!

Below is a movie of a MX dye release similar to the other rleases that Nirnimesh has put together.    The dye release location here is at the very southern part of Playas Tijuana, where we will be doing our dye release.     Again, Nirnimesh is simulating the week from 9/30-10/7 2014 for moderate waves from 200 deg south, similar to the previous movies.   The movie lasts for a week.  The first dye release lasts 2 hours and the 2nd release lasts 6 hrs.   From these simulations it really does seem that the surfzone is a leaky pipe in exchanging with the shelf.  The proof will be in the actual dye release experiment.

  • Left panel is temperature anomoly (subtracting T=18 deg C), Right panel is dye concentration (ppb) in log scale.
  • Each frame is one hour. The counter (dT) indicates how long since the dye release.
  • About 100 L of Rhodamine WT was released over (2 hrs/6 hrs) for each releas,  a realistic amount of dye.
  • Magenta dots are planned instrument locations