Wave modeling for the San Diego South Bay Region

As part of the CSIDE modeling efforts,we are interested in performing some numerical dye releases for the CSIDE experimental region, the San Digo South Bay. In an earlier post, the 50 m grid size ocean circulation (ROMS) model solution developed by Nirnimesh Kumar was highlighted. That simulation did not have waves, and Nirnimesh is working on putting waves into the simulation by coupling SWAN and ROMS.

First, he wanted to understand the dramatic range of wave height variation that can occur in this region due to bathymetric focusing of the wave field.  So Nirnimesh used SWAN only to simulate incident waves with significant wave height Hs=1 m, peak period Tp=14 s, and a range of incident wave angles from 180 deg to 280 deg.   These are shown below.   What you can clearly see is the dramatic variability in wave height along the stretch of shoreline from North Island, to City of Coronado, Silver Strand State Park, City of Imperial Beach, Border Field State Park and Tijuana.    These wave height variations could very likely have strong effects on dye evolution in this region!   We are excited to get numerical dye experiments going and also the real thing!