MCIP training

September 9, 11, and 12th we completed several more MCIP training sessions for volunteers, undergraduates, and lifeguards. Everyone had a blast!

Tijuana Estuary deployments!

Early September, we deployed instruments in the Tijuana Estuary so that we could monitor if the estuary received any dye from the coast.

Moored current-meter setup

On Monday and tuesday August 24-25, we prepared moored current meters for deployment. This included installing battery packs, calibrating their compasses, performing instrument checks, preparing the frames they will sit on, and preliminary programming amongst other things. In these pictures, you see acoustic current meters, specifically Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCP), which using the Doppler shift to measure the water currents … Read More

beach site visits

Falk, Nirnimesh and Sarah traveled the IB-Coronado stretch of beach on Sunday to check out planned sites for surf-zone based instrumentation. Here Falk and Nirni joke around just north of the IB pier (seen to the left). Note the sign for strong currents, wave driven currents are one of the key processes we will be studying as they impact along-shore and … Read More

more prep work!

Fluorometer calibrations and sealing pressure cases for the mobile cart instrument platforms (MCIPs)!   The first photo shows (clockwise from upper left) Falk Feddersen, Greg Boyd, Angelica Gilroy, Derek Grimes, Rachel, and Rob Grenzeback working on fluorometer calibrations to dye standards. The second photo shows a close-up of the fluorometer in one of the dye standard buckets… you cannot tell … Read More

welcome! under construction!

Welcome to the new CSIDE experiment website. The site is currently under construction so please check back in a few days for a more complete site!

volunteer form available!

To sign up as a volunteer, you can now do so at the form below (see the volunteer info page for more information!)