Postdoc in small plume/surfzone/inner-shelf exchange at Scripps Institution of Oceanography

The Scripps Institution of Oceanography Center for Coastal Studies is looking for a postdoctoral scholar to work on realistic numerical simulations investigating small buoyant plume / surfzone / inner-shelf exchange. We are building the model in the COAWST framework, so COAWST experience is ideal, but ROMS and/or SWAN experience is also highly valued. The first portion of the project will consist of model development, finalizing realistic model simulations, and validation with existing observations. From there, there are several scientific directions, both basic and applied, where the project can be steered. Research directions span from small estuarine and surfzone scales to regional inner-shelf scales. Basic research questions address the physics of the exchange between the surfzone and the inner-shelf and feedback mechanisms with stratification, while more applied questions address persistent coastal water quality problems along the San Diego / Mexico border region. Additional information regarding project objectives can be discussed with the PIs.

Qualifications: PhD in coastal oceanography, hydrodynamics, or fluid dynamics. Focus in near-shore, surfzone, estuaries, or inner-shelf dynamics a plus. Experience with ROMS, SWAN, and/or the COAWST modeling framework.

Research Advisors: Falk Feddersen, falk at, 858.534.4345; Sarah N Giddings, sarahgid at, 858.534.5103

Funding & timeline: The 2-year postdoc position will consist of funding from both NSF (the CSIDE project) and the Border Environment Cooperation Commission. The position can begin as soon as September 2017 and ideally no later than February 2018.

To apply: email Falk and Sarah with a cover letter and your CV with the subject: CSIDE postdoc position