Dye Release 1: 23-24 Sept 2015

  We have successfully concluded our first dye release experiment. The preliminary observations are promising, as we have comprehensive measurements of what turned out to be a spectacularly dynamic behavior. The raw standalone fluorometer data is substantive. The figure below illustrates the alongshore extent of the dye plume within the surf-zone. Thank you, to the numerous agencies that made these … Read More

Dog Collar Drifters

This GPS dog collar system is typically used by hunters (among others) to follow their furry friends on the hunt. We have customized them to help us track the dye overnight, when boat, jet ski and airplane operations are suspended. Four drifters (smurf, snork, bugs, and daffy) will be deployed on the periphery of the dye plume before dark, and … Read More

MCIP Fabrication

Our fabrication guru, Kent Smith, welds components for the mobile cart instrument platforms (MCIP). Assembly is now complete, and the steel frames are at San Diego Galvanizing to be galvanized–this treatment prevents corrosion and will extend the lives of these units. Each cart will be outfitted with instruments to measure temperature, pressure, dye concentration, and water velocity. Our volunteers will … Read More

Dye Pump Calibration

  Here, Rob Grenzeback and Derek Grimes are grinding away calibrating the dye pump.  We need to know exactly how much dye gets metered out for our experiments and so calibrating the pump is extremely important.   This is a very pink task!