Release #3 – at the mouth of the Tijuana River Estuary

Our 3rd dye release was 12 October and we sampled through 13 October. It was the most ambitous release yet. We pumped 30 gallons of dye into the Mouth of the Tijuana River Estuary on an ebbing tide over 2 hours. Rob was leading the dye release and here he is at the estuary mouth as dye is flowing:

Rob Grenzeback, research associate

Rob Grenzeback, research associate

We had shoreline instruments from 3 km south of the border in Mexico all the way up to Coronado. We had a boat from CICECE/UABC and 2 SIO boats + jetski in the water and of course the plane. The dye raced out of the inlet and headed north along the beach toward the end of seacoast drive. It then started to peel offshore in large bands. It was very impressive particularly with how good the waves were. The hydrodynamica project got some great pics Рsee:

Eventually, the dye spread further offshore in a large plume with a variety of bands moving north along seacoast drive and the shoal of the Slough offshore.


But by the end of 12 Oct it never really went north of the IB pier. See the photo below.

R3_IMGeWe hunted for dye the next day and that story will be told once we’ve unraveled it all.