visit to Playas de Tijuana

On September 15th, Falk and Sarah drove down to Tijuana to check out the release location on Playas de Tijuana and meet with our amazing collaborator Margarita Diaz at the Proyecto Fronterizo de Educaciòn Ambiental A.C.. Here you see Falk and Margarita talking on the beach.


It just started raining when we were on the beach, the rain turned into a large storm and extensive flooding in Tijuana (making our trip back from TJ… memorable!) This flooding led to the shutdown of the Mexican pumps and thus contaminated water entering the Tijuana Estuary and flowing into the ocean near Imperial Beach that afternoon through the following several days. Beaches in IB had to be closed because of the contamination and we had to make sure they were clean before we started our first dye release.