Simulation of the San Diego South Bay Region: July-Nov 2014

Nirnimesh Kumar, our intrepid COAWST (coupled ROMS/SWAN) modeling expert has been grinding away developing a numerical model for our study region: The San Diego South Bay.   His latest creation is really spectacular

These simulations show evolution of sea surface temperature and depth-averaged velocities from July 1, 2014 to December 1, 2014 in Southern California including Imperial Beach. The grid resolution is 50 m.  The model includes tides, winds, air-sea fluxes, and lateral boundary condition.   But it does not yet include waves (that is coming).   This simulation uses parent boundary conditions from a larger set of numerical solutions with larger grid size.  The largest parent grid is 1 km and was supplied by Chris Edwards at UC Santa Cruz.

Once we have the waves coupled, the eventual goal with these simulations is to use them to simulate dye release experiments (a mock pollution event) so that we can help design our dye release experiments.